ImproGuise presents : Improvised Horror Fest 

This Halloween, ImproGuise, Cape Town’s best-loved and longest running improv troupe are “dying’ to share their Improvised Horror fest with you, at the Alexander Theatre.

Join us for 3 nights of completely made-up chilling and thrilling theatre where we celebrate the Horror film genre and all things scary, spooky and supernatural. 

Here is what you can expect each night. 

Tues 29th– Horror Film Tribute 

Horror Tribute is an Improvised “documentary style” show about a made up B-Grade Horror film director, and we pay Homage to him by celebrating his career highs and lows and see clips from some of his films. Think weird plots, Low budgets, Zombies, Mutant bats and laugh-inducing brilliance. This is so bad it’s good!   

Wed 30th – An Improvised Horror Musical –

Vampires, Monsters, haunted houses, ghosts. it’s all on the table in an original mad musical show –  Using audience suggestions, the cast creates a completely new horror inspired musical, to die for!

Thurs 31st– Gothic Horror

– Inspired by Gothic fiction and writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, this is a suspense filled Gothic Horror like no other. Full of intrigue, desire, death and romance, this one will elicit fear and give you gooseflesh…

BOO-king is essential... and even saves you some money, so click here! 

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Ever wanted to try what we do? Well there is a chance for that – every two weeks we run a drop-in class for the smallest fee and the biggest amount of fun. You get to do some of the activities and play some of the games and just generally make things up on the spot. Bring a friend or come by yourself and check it out!

For more information about any of these get hold of us at – hope to see you soon!

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ImproGuise, Cape Town’s oldest and best loved improv team has been delighting audiences by playing TheatreSports for 20 years. Our TheatreSports and improv shows are made up as we go, always different, based on suggestions from the audience, and always bring the magic of live theatre right onto the stage.

We are currently experimenting with a new way of doing shows which is our highly popular Pop-up Improv runs where we don’t have a set weekly venue, but keep popping up at different theatres around Cape Town for a series of three to five shows, most recently Alexander Bar in Cape Town and the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. Keep an eye on this page for our next round of shows. 

Highly portable, we can perform our improv shows anywhere, where an audience can sit and watch us.

ImproGuise runs improv training workshops, performs at launches and parties, and is a favourite entertainment for fundraisers and functions.

We would love to come and play with, for and at you. Check out our blog, facebook page and tweets for all our latest news.

For more info or to book seats, call 072 939 3351.

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