A brand new Zoom show and our next Improv for Life course!

ImproGuise presents: Voices from the Grave

ImproGuise is virtually thrilled to present it’s latest show and first ever Zoom version of ‘Voices from the Grave’ tonite October 1 at 7pm!
A group of people from a small made up town have all met their fate in the most mysterious of circumstances. We get to meet their ghostly spirits as they speak to us from the hereafter and share a little bit about who they were and the events leading up to their demise. 
We miss you and we miss performing so we are adapting and connecting and streaming.
These CRAZY, OFF THE WALL AND TOTALLY MADE UP shows will be streamed live via Facebook so you can watch us from the comfort of your own homes in any part of the world! We are coming to you!! We want you to be a part of the magic, so make comments, leave suggestions and play with us!!
We are so excited!
Resistance is FUTILE!!
“You can’t stop the future
You can’t rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
…is to press play.”
― Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why
LET’S PLAY!!!!!!
We are going to have a Busqr code up which you can scan on your phone and then leave us a tip for the show based on your enjoyment of it and desire to support us as struggling actors. 
You can do this via Masterpass or Zapper and the QR code can be seen to the right! 
Also make sure you check out the Improv for Life poster on the right. If you have never done this course then you need to seriously consider signing up as this really is so much fun, a whole ton of learning and will absolutely change your life and way of seeing the world forever – say it with me: Yes, Lets!

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