We have a whole host of Happiness coming up for you – from our completely improvised musical happening in Somerset West on the 27th of July [the most dangerous form of Improv perhaps – completely made up songs where Improvisers and musicians need to be completely N Sync #ISeeWhatIDidThere] to another full week of Style High Club at Alexander Bar where each night is dedicated to a different movie or theatre style.

At the same time we are about to launch into another Improv for Life course which you really should consider if you have not done one yet. From losing your inhibitions to improving your story-telling to learning how to play the games we play and having SO MUCH FUN, Improv for Life is worth every single penny and then some. For more information about any of these get hold of us at – hope to see you soon!

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ImproGuise, Cape Town’s oldest and best loved improv team has been delighting audiences by playing TheatreSports for 20 years. Our TheatreSports and improv shows are made up as we go, always different, based on suggestions from the audience, and always bring the magic of live theatre right onto the stage.

We are currently experimenting with a new way of doing shows which is our highly popular Pop-up Improv runs where we don’t have a set weekly venue, but keep popping up at different theatres around Cape Town for a series of three to five shows, most recently Alexander Bar in Cape Town and the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg. Keep an eye on this page for our next round of shows. 

Highly portable, we can perform our improv shows anywhere, where an audience can sit and watch us.

ImproGuise runs improv training workshops, performs at launches and parties, and is a favourite entertainment for fundraisers and functions.

We would love to come and play with, for and at you. Check out our blog, facebook page and tweets for all our latest news.

For more info or to book seats, call 072 939 3351.

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