The new course, up and running

Every now and then I have a moment of anxiety around ‘teaching’ improv. How can you teach a bunch of people to make stuff up? Well, that isn’t what you ‘teach’. What you end up teaching is all the things people need to let go of, all the stuff that stops them, from being in […]

Wild, Wonderful Western

I can’t help myself. I am still grinning from ear to ear. We had our first 3 hour Western workshop today, run by Candice D’Arcy, who took us through some of the amazing skills, tricks, secrets and stories that she learned from improv guru Patti Styles when we were at Improvention. It was amazing. We […]

The new course

Our new courses start on Thursday and I am so excited to put a whole bunch of improvsters through this kind of training. Don’t get me wrong; I am the world’s most reluctant teacher, but when it comes to playing, facilitating, coaching and directing improv I am in my element. Please call or email me […]