New Improv (of)Course

I cannot believe we are barreling towards the end of the year already. I haven’t even got all my mascara off from last year. Of course, what this means is that it is time for us to be putting together our new improv workshop, which will be starting on Thursday 5 Sept and will run […]

Our latest newsletter

The first half of 2013 has been hectic, exciting and inspiring for all of us at Improguise. We mounted SA’s first ever Improv Festival, launched our once a month experimental improv evening at Alexander Bar, continued with our regular Monday and Tuesday performances, and raised R2200 for the Theatre Benevolent Fund in honour of Madiba’s […]

The new course, up and running

Every now and then I have a moment of anxiety around ‘teaching’ improv. How can you teach a bunch of people to make stuff up? Well, that isn’t what you ‘teach’. What you end up teaching is all the things people need to let go of, all the stuff that stops them, from being in […]

Wild, Wonderful Western

I can’t help myself. I am still grinning from ear to ear. We had our first 3 hour Western workshop today, run by Candice D’Arcy, who took us through some of the amazing skills, tricks, secrets and stories that she learned from improv guru Patti Styles when we were at Improvention. It was amazing. We […]

The fourth Improv class, and other musings

Last night Tandi and I taught the Gibberish and Beyond Words class to the course participants. It is a particular favourite of mine as we taught it at Improvention in Australia, and going through it again brings back so many lovely memories. Due to the bad weather, we decided to put the two classes together […]

Funny You Should Say That

Last night was class two of our improv courses and we focussed on narrative. In improv terms that is making up stories. We divided up into actors and everybody and I led the actors while Tandi worked with the everybody group. In the beginning I thought that 3 hour sessions were going to be agonisingly […]

The new improv group

Here are a few of my own personal reflections after running our first new improv class for both Improv for Everybody and Improv for Actors (we split up from next week) in no particular order. (There is also a picture of my puppies because I forgot to take pictures last night; a mistake I won’t […]

The new course

Our new courses start on Thursday and I am so excited to put a whole bunch of improvsters through this kind of training. Don’t get me wrong; I am the world’s most reluctant teacher, but when it comes to playing, facilitating, coaching and directing improv I am in my element. Please call or email me […]