Drop-in class – 4 Feb 2015

Drop-in class - 4 Feb 2015Here are the awesome imrpov games you missed at this week’s drop in class by Leon:

  • ‘Wa-skida’ – a focus game that helps you stay in the moment where energy is passed from person to person through exclaimation and gesture;
  • ‘You’ – another focus game where players create three intertwining chains of verbal cues and responses and fire them at each other simultaneously;
  • ‘Yes and’ scenes – a variation on classic endowment game where two players accept one another’s verbal offers in the context of a scene to drive the story forward;
  • ‘Physicality, voice, and opening line’ – another endowment game where three other players give the main player a physical movement characteristic, a voice in a particular style, and an opening line to get them going;
  • ‘Yes-yes-yes’ – a warmdown game where the group creates a madeup proverb one word at a time (with amusing results);
  • ‘I’m sorry I’m late’ – another warmdown game where players explain why they are late using the plot of well known movies and other players have to guess what movies they are describing.

Please contact tandibuchan@gmail.com if you would like to join us next week!

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