Drop-in class with Joe Bill – 4 March 2015

Drop-in-Group-2015-03-04We had a great drop-in class tonight with Joe Bill, teacher of scenic and comedic improvisation all the way from Chicago.

After getting a shopping list of requests from the players, he crafted an exercise for three players that worked as follows:

  • Each player chooses a letter, A, B, or C.
  • Each player chooses an emotion.
  • Player A reaches out, discovers an object, and interacts with it in terms of their emotion.
  • Players B and C react to A discovering the object in terms of their own emotions.
  • Player A gives the object to whichever other player seems most reluctant.
  • The most reluctant player accepts the object and interacts with it in terms of their own emotion.
  • The most reluctant player gives the object to the remaining player.
  • They in turn also accept it and interact with it in terms of their own emotion.
  • The players then play out a scene where they have a conversation about anything other than the object.
  • The players then try and use the object as a metaphor for whatever conflict has emerged.
  • Organically, two of the players will generally gang up against the third.
  • The last step is for one of the players to switch sides and join the third player.

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