Jam Sandwich

We christened Upstairs at Alexander Bar with improv on Saturday afternoon because fave player Ryan Jales decided to do what he loves on his birthday; improvise. He invited his friends to watch while we had the time of our lives performing a format we learned in Oz called Stuck in The Middle. It was great practice on the stage because…

On December 27 we perform our first experimental, free-form, long form, once a month improv show called Jam Sandwich there, Upstairs at The Alexander. It is a small stage, so it will be a few players, and we will be doing scenes, that are definitely made up. That’s pretty much all we know. Oh, and that it will be amazing. Please, don’t be sad you missed it. Tickets are flying off the Alexander Bar booking interweb place.

For those of you who want a leetle more info before you part with your hard earned R80, what it will definitely be is some of Improguise’s most experienced players doing some freshly made improv, just without the usual strict short game format of TheatreSports. I personally can’t wait. It is going to be pretty fabulous, and the theatre is gorgeous.

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