Monday 8 February: TheatreSports

brett megan

Monday night saw us return to the TheatreSports styled show that we are most known for and in typical form there was a whole lot of crazy.

Starting the night on an Oil Rig in a warm-up game of Environment, we played out a scene trying to guess the easy, medium and difficult words that the audience had carefully selected while we were out of the room [in this case, ‘Drilling’, ‘Pollution’ and ‘Mermaids’] with a few subtle clues along the way to help us get there. What is a more subtle clue than ‘Copenhagen’ you might wonder? I’m still not sure what that audience member was drinking, but he seemed to like it.

Round 1 saw some old favourites as we watched an aged woodcarver sing out his innermost thoughts about his incompetent assistant, heard the word-at-a-time ravings of someone who had written a book on ‘Greenkeeping’ [because you know, you can never have too much green]. Megan as the rover was also responsible for the scoreboard and with such huge numbers coming from the audience right off the bat decided to get creative with our team scores and after round one we had 19 to the power of x and the other team had 44.

Round 2 witnessed a game of Speck where Ryan voiced a tiny bat that took pity on Hilton’s loser who was doing the cleaner’s work in a bid to impress her. And David and i were old cruise mates reminiscing about that one time we got up to some high jinks concerning a missing sock and a nude forfeit. By the end of that round our score had progressed to 19 to the power of n, and the other team had jumped to 44n.

In the third round we visited the style of ‘Black and White’ [audience suggestion for tv, movie or theatre style] and managed to tie it to soap opera as we played ‘Sentences from the audience’ with each of us having to fit lines like ‘You can’t handle the Truth’ and ‘That’s not what I meant’ into the scene as if they were meant to be there. The other team played a fantastic Script in the style of Greek Tragedy and as always happens with that game, so much of Hilton’s script fit perfectly into the demise of Ryan’s favourite son [Hilton being ‘the other one’] that it could have been specifically written for this play.

We closed off the show with a new game called ‘Paint the Scene’ where one of the actors used words to describe the scene and create setup for what was to follow – from a room where a fight had obviously broken out and only one arm was visible, that was starting to move, we were delighted with an alien abduction story where a whole town, including the Sheriff’s whole office, had been taken by aliens, excepting for Megan and Ryan’s characters who knew they were not alone.

All in all a rollercoaster of fun and mayhem and a show that will never be witnessed again which is the beauty [and agony] of TheatreSports, but come back next week where we have Alan Committie Guest Starring in a show format we call ‘The Chair’ – he will be speaking a stream of consciousness based on a word that the audience give to him and the actors will be using everything he says as inspiration for whatever made-up scenes will follow.

Every Monday we have a different show – make sure you don’t miss out on Cape Town’s Longest Running [and best] Improv show and also Best Kept Secret.

Invite a bunch of friends, make sure you phone the booking line and leave your numbers on 072 939 3351, follow us on the Twitterer @ImproGuiseSA and we will see you soon!

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