Monday 8 February: TheatreSports

Monday night saw us return to the TheatreSports styled show that we are most known for and in typical form there was a whole lot of crazy. Starting the night on an Oil Rig in a warm-up game of Environment, we played out a scene trying to guess the easy, medium and difficult words that […]

Drop-in class with Joe Bill – 4 March 2015

We had a great drop-in class tonight with Joe Bill, teacher of scenic and comedic improvisation all the way from Chicago. After getting a shopping list of requests from the players, he crafted an exercise for three players that worked as follows: Each player chooses a letter, A, B, or C. Each player chooses an […]

Drop-in class – 18 Feb 2015

We had a great drop-in class with Tandi this week where we worked on ‘status’ – establishing a character with higher status by elevating oneself and putting others down or being a character of lower status by bringing yourself down and elevating the other character. This is a great tool for creating comedy in scenes […]

Drop-in class – 11 Feb 2015

We had a small but successful drop in class this week with Leon. Here is what you missed: a discussion of ‘The Bill Murray Technique: How To Improvise Through Anything’ – about how we are all improvising all the time (amongst other things, definitely worth a read); ‘Wa-skida’ – a focus game that helps you stay in the […]

Drop-in class – 4 Feb 2015

Here are the awesome imrpov games you missed at this week’s drop in class by Leon: ‘Wa-skida’ – a focus game that helps you stay in the moment where energy is passed from person to person through exclaimation and gesture; ‘You’ – another focus game where players create three intertwining chains of verbal cues and […]

Improv Fest 2015

Our (almost) week-long Improv Fest is back for its third run at the Kalk Bay Theatre. It runs from Tuesday 10 March to Sunday 15 March. Weekday shows are at 20h30 and weekend shows at 18h30. The Tuesday show is already sold out! We had great fun last year giving you, our loyal audience, completely […]

Fabulous reviews for our Improv Fest

If you haven’t come yourself to get a taste of our awesome long form festival running at the Kalk Bay Theatre until Saturday, here are a few links to rave reviews that might twist your rubber arms and legs. The Scenic South said these delightful things What’s On In Cape Town said more delightful things […]