The fourth Improv class, and other musings

Last night Tandi and I taught the Gibberish and Beyond Words class to the course participants. It is a particular favourite of mine as we taught it at Improvention in Australia, and going through it again brings back so many lovely memories. Due to the bad weather, we decided to put the two classes together and it was great to see the two groups inspiring and learning from each other.

One of my favourite games, The Bench, went particularly well. Two people are in a scene around a bench, where neither of them are allowed to speak. They need to find reasons for not speaking, and interact on some level without the use of words. Challenging stuff, but we had some lovely work from our participants. They are gaining momentum now, and it is palpable to them too, that slowly but surely, the improv principles are seeping in. They are getting it, and starting to realise that they are. What a privilege to watch this happen!

Then this morning I stumbled on a post in Patti Stiles’ blog, which really fed into my thoughts from last night’s class. What if we lived our improv principles out in our lives? This is something I have first hand experience with, and am always encouraging people to take a chance on improv. It really helped me tremendously in my own life, it helped me deal with a lot of negativity, and I know it can do the same for everyone. You may not ever perform an improv game for an audience, but improv can still change your life!

So here’s a link to Patti’s blog: Have a read, and let’s start changing the world with our energy and enthusiasm to make things work and make others look good, one improvisor at a time.

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