Wild, Wonderful Western

I can’t help myself. I am still grinning from ear to ear. We had our first 3 hour Western workshop today, run by Candice D’Arcy, who took us through some of the amazing skills, tricks, secrets and stories that she learned from improv guru Patti Styles when we were at Improvention.

It was amazing. We did scenes on horseback. In stagecoaches. On the river banks. We had killers and reformed killers and ranchers and school teachers and bounty hunters and ladies of the night and widows and preachers and foreigners. We had hangings and shootings and baptisms and conversations at the bar. We had long looks, long drinks and long pauses. We had short tempers, draws and glances.

Our three newbies did brilliantly; thrown into the deep end and forced to up their game, and the stakes, and they did. Bravo Zanne, Rory and Tarryn.

We will be performing two full Westerns in late January and early Feb 2013 as part of our 2 week Improv Festival at The Kalk Bay Theatre and I can promise you now, you will be so sorry if you miss them.

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