Word from Oz

As you know, Tandi, Candice and I attended Improvention, this completely amazing, awe inspiring festival of impro (that’s what they call it here) in Canberra, Australia. We were also lucky enough to extend our Oz travels to go to Melbourne, where we participated in more Jill Bernard workshops with the Impro-Melbourne team, perform a show with Exploding Heads, and hang out with the amazing, generous, loving and brilliant Melbourne improvisers, not to mention the unbelievable experience of staying with impro queen Patti Stiles. Candice and I moved on to Sydney where we saw Jill’s one woman impro show Drum Machine (and you can see what I thought of that here) and I was lucky enough to catch Impro Sydney’s Celebrity Theatresports charity fundraiser show, which was awesome.

The three of us are so filled with new ideas for training, shows and the future of impro in Cape Town and I know that the minute I get back we will be plotting, planning, formulating and doing.

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