Zanne Solomon

3Zanne Solomon obtained her Masters Degree in Drama from Rhodes University in 2011, after 8 long yet fruitful years in Grahamstown. Whilst cloistered in the confines of ‘Gadstad’, she had the privilege of working with some of the greats like Andrew Buckland, Reza de Wet, Heike Gehring and Lindsay Reardon. Like a sponge…or towel…she absorbed their knowledge of theatre and film acting, directing, contemporary performance, mime, comedy, mask work, clowning and physical theatre. And she had the opportunity to consolidate that knowledge through tutoring and lecturing in the Drama Department, as well as through extensive performing and directing opportunities.

She also spent 5 years of that time working with Janet Buckland and the UBOM! Eastern Cape Drama Company in various capacities including being Project Manager for a year; directing several company performances; facilitating workshops in the local community schools and institutions; and initiating forum theatre experiences for the community.

Since coming to Cape Town at the beginning of 2011, she has done almost anything for money, including a brief foray into the perils of high school teaching; appearing in a Jack Parow music video for Afrikaans is Dood; and doing stand-up comedy – featuring in the three-hander stand-up comedy performance, Laugh Actually, with Christopher Steenkamp and Ryan Carelse in 2012. She is currently studying Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University in the hopes of having a ‘day job’ to pay for her performance career, and performs and makes theatre in her ‘spare time’.

She is extremely grateful to be part of Theatre Sports – an ambition she had since junior school – and relishes performing with the company regularly, fervently maintaining that it is all that keeps her sane…”

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