In OCTOBER we are running 2 different courses.  Improv for Life– for anyone and everyone and a more advanced course, The Art of Improv. The type of Improv we teach is performance based and lots of fun! The courses are progressive, and led by our highly skilled teachers, who have over 50 years’ experience between them. They will lead you through a series of carefully selected exercises and games that are designed to encourage positivity, spontaneity, trust, teamwork, listening, accepting, and sharing. These courses also help participants become more confident, communicative and learn how to be creative whilst problem-solving . The rules are simple and once applied, the participants gradually learn that mistakes are invitations and those who say ‘yes and” are rewarded with adventure!

Improv forLifeWe are all in need of some positivity and inspiration…so that is why we designed a course that will remind you to say Yes, help you reconnect with others, put you back on the path of wellness and creativity and change your life for the better ! Through a series of fun exercises and games you will learn how to be present, accept offers, collaborate, tell stories, let go of failure, build confidence, think out of the box, unleash your creativity and  have loads of fun performing in front of one another! This course is for beginners or those in need of a refresher. All levels of experience welcome.

Strict Covid Protocols will be adhered to and the relevant safety measures put in place and spaces are limited.

This is an 8 week course. R2000(discount if you pay before)



The Art of Improv: Learn how to really develop and fine tune your Improv skills by exploring Character, Environment, Status, relationships and learn how to build scenes that matter. You will also be taught the foundation of Long form Improv.

This is a 6 week course. R1600 (discount if you pay before)

Strict Covid Protocols will be adhered to and the relevant safety measures put in place and spaces are limited.



6 thoughts on “ImproGuise

  1. Hello,
    my name is Giovanni and I am Italian.
    I’m now in Cape Town until the 24th of August.
    I have been doing improv theatre since ten years ago and in the last few years I have been playing also TheatreSports.
    I would really like to join your classes or whatever you are offering and also to see some your shows.
    So, I would appreciate if you could me some info about what above.
    Thank you so much and I hope to meet you soon.
    Giovanni bisazza

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