Halloween Fun: the 17th Birthday Show!

Wow. The 30th was one crazy night. Ghosts, ghouls and zombies flooded into the Little Theatre for TheatreSports’s 17th birthday show. That’s right – 17 years of 2 shows a week. Big numbers scare me but I’m pretty sure if you do the maths you’ll get a whopping great big number of shows. Break that up even more with an average of 7 games a show and you have… well, a lot of crazy skits, stories and songs. Each one completely original. Blows my tiny mind right out the window.

In line with the monstrous Halloween theme, the show featured 3 horrortastic teams of 4 actors each and was emceed by the amazing Jessica Taylor with Hannelore Olivier tickling the ivories pink. We played 9 scenes and to spice up the format we included several 1 minute challenge games (expect to see these fun tie-breakers popping up more and more in the shows).

The audience howled with hilarious horror at the antics on stage – the show had more highlights than Percy Montgomery. OK, maybe that joke has dated a bit. Brett whipped out some sublime sign language interpretation, Anne wrestled with the proper use of rhyme, Ryan became an item of high fashion and Kim took the hits as the most dramatic stunt double ever.

Since this was a birthday party there was also free cake and wine for our guests, many of whom kept haunting the theatre foyer until late into the night.
The birthday show is to celebrate all the love we’ve gotten over the years that’s kept us going and that’s why it was just magical to have so many enthusiastic fans there to party with.

That’s all from me for now,


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