Theatresports is portable and adaptable and is excellent entertainment for corporate events. We perform at christmas parties, product launches and charity evenings. Theatresports is popular and successful because it is thoroughly entertaining and interactive, with the audience giving suggestions for how the show turns out.

Theatresports has often been used as an ice-breaker at conferences, providing common ground for delegates to get to know each other better.


We can perform a regular Theatresports show of about an hour at just about any venue where people can sit down and watch.

Tailored Shows

A tailored Theatresports show is where the actors are briefed on specific themes or issues relevant to the clients, and are mindful of this while improvising. The show is still totally improvised so this can provide an amazing and refreshing way of communicating a message to an audience.


We run successful workshops with corporate clients. During Improvisation workshops, we teach participants the basics of improvisation: working as a team, thinking on your feet, being creative and spontaneous and most importantly, having fun. The workshops usually work best in groups of thirty or less per facilitator, and are particularly rewarding after the participants have watched a professional show as an introduction to the concept.


A Theatresports showshop is a combination of a show and a workshop, where professional Theatresports players both teach and perform the games, involving volunteers.


Please contact Tandi on 084 611 7270 or email for more information about how we can bring you and your team the magic of improv.

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