TheatreSports and improvisation are valuable educational tools, being excellent methods of exploring creativity and teamwork. Over the years TheatreSports has done hundreds of shows for school goers, both in junior and senior school. These events mostly occur at the school itself, as TheatreSports is totally versatile and can be performed almost anywhere. We love having block bookings at any of our regular Monday night shows too, and give special block booking and student discounts

TheatreSports Shows

TheatreSports Shows combine theatre with the competitive spirit of sport. The shows are entirely improvised, nothing is scripted and suggestions are taken from the audience. The shows are very interactive, entertaining, spontaneous and a lot of fun.

TheatreSports Workshops

TheatreSports Workshops encourage listening, teamwork, confidence and creativity, concentration, acting skills, characterization and group dynamics through a series of fun games and exercises. The workshops are usually run by two facilitators and each session runs for up to one and a half hours.

TheatreSports Showshops

TheatreSports “Show shops” offer the best of both worlds, and are suitable for larger groups than the workshops. Two or three facilitators play TheatreSports games and get volunteers to play the games as well. For any learner interested in the performing arts, or just needing confidence in front of an audience, this opportunity to perform and improvise is not only very enjoyable, but also a vital experience.

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